Opening by Dominique Boutonnat, President of the CNC

Case study “The Last Duel”

The historical film The Last Duel, directed by Ridley Scott, was mostly shot and post-produced in France. The project was eligible to the tax rebate for international production up to 40% thanks to the VFX bonus.

By Paris Images PIDS Enghien


  • Béatrice Bauwens, VFX and post director at MPC Film & Episodic
  • John Bernard, line producer and CEO at Peninsula
  • Fanny Petit Van-Tornhout, film commissioner at Dordogne Film Commission / Ciné Passion
  • Yann Marchet, moderator PIDS Enghien

Case study “Stillwater”

Stillwater, directed by Tom McCarthy, follows an American father traveling to France to get his daughter out of jail. The film was almost entirely shot and set in Marseille.

By Paris Images L’Industrie du Rêve


  • Raphaël Benoliel, producer at Firstep
  • Vanessa Kuzay, film commissioner, at Marseille Film Commission
  • David Piechaczek, location manager
  • Anne Fremiot, casting director
  • Ben Croll, journalist and moderator

Case study “Notre-Dame brûle”

Notre-Dame Brûle, a film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud, offers an opportunity to experience the Notre Dame Cathedral fire in April 2019, through sensational VFX.

By Paris Images AFC Events

With :

  • Jean-Jacques Annaud, director
  • Jean-Marie Dreujou, cinematographer AFC
  • Jean Rabasse, art director
  • Jean-Yves Asselin, post production producer
  • François Reumont, AFC moderator

Case study “Marie-Antoinette”

Marie Antoinette is an upcoming historical drama TV show created by Deborah Davis and directed by Pete Travis and Geoffrey Enthoven. It is based on the life of one of the most famous Queens of France, whose reign started when she was only 14 years old.

By Paris Images Production Forum


  • PeteTravis, director episodes 1 to 4
  • Claude Chelli, producer at CAPA TV
  • Jean-Baptiste Leclerc, production manager
  • Madeline Fontaine, costume designer
  • Ben Croll, journalist and moderator

Screendaily talk

Focus on shooting international production in France : live shoot & VFX
(including a case study of John Wick 4)
In partnership with Screen International

With :

  • Rachael Penfold, founder and head of One of Us
  • Raphaël Benoliel, line producer and CEO of Firstep Productions

Round table “Digital Playtime #1” : best talents in digital production
France holds some of the best talents in digital production (VFX, animation, VR), mostlyrelying on high quality training programs, which keep attracting more and more international students and talents in France.

In partnership with Variety


  • Béatrice Bauwens, VFX and post director at MPC Film & Episodic
  • Jacques Bled, president of Illumination McGuff
  • Antoine Cayrol, co-Founder and producer at Atlas V
  • Cécile Blondel, director of International Development at Gobelins

Round table “Digital Playtime #2” : convergence
Breaking borders between game, VR, film & TV series


  • Déborah Papiernik, SVP new business & strategic alliances at UBISOFT
  • Hervé Dupont, head of production at Fortiche Productions
  • Ben Croll, journalist and moderator

Round table “Mission Possible” : producing in times of pandemic

Talent passports, health protocols, insurance funds… How France maintained its local and international production levels throughout the pandemic
In partnership with Variety


  • John Bernard, line producer and CEO at Peninsula
  • Hélène Dudragne, film commissioner at Film Paris Region
  • Benoit Ruiz, co-founder of Workflowers
  • Pascal Breton, producer and CEO at Federation Entertainment
  • Anne Seibel, production designer
  • Margaux Durand-Rival, VP creative at Dark Matters
  • Elsa Keslassy, Variety moderator

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