Focus sur la plateforme Film France Talents

Stephan Bender, Film France’s interim CEO spoke about the creation of the Film France Talents platform. 

Why did you want to create Film France Talents? 

The TAF database was an old tool, set up more than 10 years ago, which needed to be updated, notably because it no longer met current standards such as the RGPD. From a usage point of view, it was also obsolete because it was difficult to use with a phone

for example. We therefore felt it was essential to create Film France Talents. The tool is less important than the result which is here to link professionals together, employers and employees. So if the tool no longer fulfils its role, it must be changed.

Who is Film France Talents aimed at? 

It is aimed at all film professionals, without the slightest exception. Technicians and artists can register and be referenced. All potential employers, whether producers, production managers, job managers looking to build a team, all of them can go to Film France Talents to discover profiles that might interest them. The aim is to maximise the connections between all these people. 

This platform was launched last May…

We wanted to bring this platform into existence very quickly, so we decided to enter into a partnership with Moveinmotion. We contacted this company by invitation to tender. Together, we decided to work iteratively. With the idea of making the most powerful tool possible, as quickly as possible, because we think that time is running out, we decided to move forward in successive snippets by testing the validity of this idea with reality. So we started to open it up in May 2019 to potential employees, technicians and artists, by asking them to register. In September 2019, we opened it up to film commissions, which have an intermediary role, and we plan to open it up in the coming weeks to employers. If we had launched everything at the same time, we would have had a very long test phase. There, we moved forward at a smaller pace, while taking as much feedback as possible from the field. We then embarked on a tour of a dozen cities where we asked the technicians to sign up and then listen to their opinions on the tool. We do that every step of the way. That was also the advantage of working with Moveinmotion, which is used to creating this type of platform and setting up applications. And always in a logic that several points of view are better than one. 

How many people have already registered? 

At the beginning of February, there were some 5,000 subscribers. But we are expecting a large wave of registrations when we open it up to employers. And we haven’t yet deployed our full communications arsenal. For that, we were waiting for the best possible platform. Ultimately, we would like to reach the figure of 25,000 registrants. In total, there would be some 80,000 film technicians. We don’t know if we will one day have all the professionals but we hope to have a significant number of them. But first and foremost, we want the registrants to be qualified, interesting and interested profiles. 

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