Paris, September 12th, 2016


The Paris Images Trade Show is back for its 4th edition
From January 25th to February 1st, 2017




For the fourth consecutive year, the Paris Images Trade Show (PITS) brings together five events in one week, on complementary themes, in order to promote the French audio-visual and cinematographic industry. PITS continues to openly discuss France’s role on the global financial market, as well as its technical and artistic influences on world cinema. This year’s edition will honour India as its guest country.


Thus, for eight days, these events will focus on: all aspects of digital creation with the Paris Images Digital Summit; films sets and other shooting locations with the Paris Images Location Expo; new streams of communication with Paris Images Pro; diversity in technical and artistic sectors as well as diversity in coproduction, with the Paris Images Cinema – L’Industrie du Rêve; finally, technological innovations with the Micro Salon AFC.


The fusion of these events, independent in their organisation, aims to promote all the professions in the film industry, as well as the French territory and the financial solutions created in order to attract film productions to be made in France.

The Paris Images Trade Show offers an exceptional and international showcase to a dynamic industry, creating highly-qualified jobs whose competitiveness is reinforced by the new national and international tax rebate schemes. French resources and skills allow the audio-visual and film sector to develop and spread from one year to the next, both on a local and international level.


In 2016, the Paris Images Trade Show gathered more than 8000 visitors, where professionals and the general public could meet for panel discussions, conferences, case-studies and premieres. French “savoir-faire” is promoted foremost but other countries are also a source of inspiration. This openness towards the rest of the world allows different cultures to exchange, meet and enrich each other. This year, India will be honoured as guest country.


Launched in 2014, the Paris Images Trade Show aims to develop synergies between events grouped within this initiative and the professional organisations and partner associations, in order to highlight the excellent “savoir-faire” of French technicians and of the French film and animation industry, to offer them an international recognition as well as an increased visibility.


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