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Paris Images Location Expo

January 22-23 - Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris


Paris Images Cinéma - Dream Industry
January 24 -  Club de l’Etoile - Champs Elysées


Paris Images Digital Summit
January 24-27 - Centre des Arts, Enghien-les-Bains


Paris Images - Micro Salon AFC
February 9-10
- La fémis, Paris



January 22th to February 10th  2018


To mark its fifth year, the Paris Images Trade Show (PITS) is hosting four events, with complementary themes, intended to promote the whole French audiovisual and film sector. The PITS continues to broaden its review of the role France plays in economic exchanges, technical contributions and artistic influences in respect of foreign film making. This year, the United States will be honored.


These events will showcase: digital creation and VFX with the Paris Images Digital Summit, film sets and shooting locations with the Paris Images Location Expo, technological innovations in the field of cinema with the AFC Micro Salon show and Franco-American tie-ups and the role that France plays in the production and creation of foreign feature films with Paris Images Cinema - Dream Industry.


This year, a cycle of conferences and meetings around the sector's professions and economic challenges will be the common theme running through the PITS.


The PITS events testify to the real challenges facing the French technical industries. Thanks to this synergy, the PITS aims to turn the spotlight on all of the film professions, the territory and the economic solutions put in place to attract projects to France. This way, the French can reclaim their territory and the technical and human solutions which abound while international players can call on French expertise and benefit from the many attributes the country has to offer in order to implement their projects.


The Paris Images Trade Show offers an exceptional showcase for a dynamic industry that creates highly skilled jobs and whose competitiveness is reinforced by the national and international tax credit reform. The resources and expertise available to France enable the audiovisual and film sector to develop and extend its reach from year to year, both nationally and internationally.


In 2017, the Paris Images Trade Show attracted more than 7,000 visitors. Professionals and the general public intermingle at round tables, conferences, case studies and previews.

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